Customer Reminders
Listed below are important reminders about your service.

  • To ensure pick up, please have all waste curbside for pick up by 7am. 
  • Please fill up your cans first, before placing any waste outside of cans.
         With that being said, we understand some items are too heavy/big to place in cans.
  • All waste outside of can must be manageable for us to lift (not too heavy)
  • Do not put hot ashes in trash cans
  • Any long items for disposal must be cut to 4ft. lengths, and bundled if needed
  • We do not accept: asbestos, ammunition, hazardous chemicals, flammable liqiuds, motor oil, car batteries, propane tanks, medical waste, oil-based paints & varnishes, spray paint, concrete, tires w/rims, animal remains, gasoline-powered machines filled with gas/oil.
  • Anytime an extra fee is charged for additional waste or bulk item, a notice will be left. 
  • Payment must be received by "due date" on your invoice or service will be halted.
P.O. Box 7001
Talleyville, DE 19803
Email us at: