Our Service

Trash Collection - Every Week (year round)
Recycle Collection - Every 2 Weeks
Bulk Item Collection - Monthly
$27.00 Per Month  = ($81.00 per quarter)

  • No Fuel Charge  &  No Activation Fee
  • Large (95 gallon) heavy duty wheeled trash & recycle cans are provided
          Weekly allowance trash - can plus 8 extra bags or equivalent. 
          Yard waste allowance 8 bags or equivalent every collection.
       - Special waste & special recycling events notification 
  • Bulk item collection - click BULK ITEM TAB
  • Recycle collection - click RECYCLING TAB
​To Sign up: Email us with the name on the account, address of service, and date you want service to start. brandywinewaste@msn.com
Customers are billed every 3 months (quarterly). Invoices are sent out 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the new billing cycle. If service starts in the middle of a cycle, your invoice will be pro-rated  ​for that period.
We do not pro-rate accounts for stoppages in service shorter than 3 consectutive weeks or service that has been halted due to lack of payment.
Extra waste in excess of weekly allowance will be billed at $1.00 per bag or equivalent. A notice will be left.

 P.O. Box 7001
 Talleyville, DE 19803