Recycling Do's & Don'ts
P.O. Box 7001
Talleyville, DE 19803
Email us at:

Please recycle theses items

 Office paper/documents
 Magazines, Catalogs
 Junk Mail, Envelopes
 Brown Paper Bags
 Soft coverbooks & Telephone books
 Cardboard (i.e. boxes, egg cartons0
 Pizza boxes (No food residue)
 Paperboard (i.e. tissue, cereal boxes)
 Metal/aluminum food cans
 Glass bottles/jars
 Plastic bottles 
 Plastic jugs (i.e. milk/bleach/detergent
 Plastic yogurt/butter tubs

 All paper products need to be clean
 (free of food andother residue)

These items do not go into your recycle can

 No Styrofoam products (i.e. cups, packaging)
 No Aluminum foil
 No Plastic grocery bags or plastic packaging wrap
 No Plastic cups, silverware, or lids
 No Plastic motor oil / chemical containers
 No Bottle caps (plastic or metal)
 Basically no other plastic items except
 those listed in the other column
 No Metal (other than beverage & food cans)
 No wax cartons (i.e. milk/OJ/ice cream)
 No wax paper
 No Used tissue/napkins/paper towels
 No Pizza boxes (with food residue)
 No Wood or yard waste
 No Food waste
 No Electronics or wiring
 No Clothing
 No Rubber products
 No Ceramic dishes/tile
 No Household glass or lightbulbs