Recycle collection is provided every 2 weeks (on Thursdays) 
  • We provide all customers with 1 - 95 gallon wheeled recycle can (blue in color)
  • All items go into the container loose and mixed together (this is called single stream)
  • If you fill up the recycle can, you can utilize a another type of bag/can for the excess recycling and place it next to the recycle can on collection day. 
  • Please bag shredded paper/documents before placing in the recycle can 
          (This should be the only thing bagged in the recycle can)
  • Place any large cardboard boxes that do not fit in the recycle can, next to it for collection.
  • Their is no limit to the amount of recyclable items that can be put out for collection.
  • You do not have to remove labels or wash out bottles/containers prior to putting them in the recycle can. If you want to wash them out, it will help reduce odors and keep the recycle can clean
  • See "Recycle Do's & Don'ts" for a list of recyclable items

         Forgot when your recycle collection dates are? Click "Collection Schedule" tab for information
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